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Those who choose Nucera tiles choose ecological products and assign a high priority to production based on environmental sustainability. Encouraging a responsible, virtuous approach at all levels.

Natural marble for tiling and cladding is a nature-harming and expensive material that is also high-maintenance, not readily available and does not offer matching designs in numbers, making it difficult to achieve the desired interior design.

To bring solutions to marble-loving and marble aesthetic enthusiasts and people looking for a marble alternative, Nucera Tiles brings you superior and eco- friendly marble alternatives with its range of surfaces inspired by natural stone. The Constella Collection and Amolite Marble Collection of Nucera Tiles bring you tiles and slabs resembling natural marble, their designs, and colors, however, eliminating the limitation of the stone.

While it’s not as obvious as their esthetic qualities, ceramic tiles are actually very eco-friendly. Simplifying things just a little, they’re basically made of clay, a raw material that makes up much of the earth’s crust. At the end of their life cycle – which is quite long compared to other cladding materials – they are still what they were at the beginning. In fact during firing the clay undergoes a physical transformation that doesn’t alter its chemical component.

These tiles and slabs are stain-resistant, water-proof, UV resistant, and easy to clean and maintain, unlike marble, and do not react to chemicals or change colors. Available in various designs, formats, and finishes, these tiles and slabs offer variety and availability for unrestricted application and desired aesthetics in your spaces. Moreover, these tiles and slabs are easy to cut, lay, and handle and do not require any special care.

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